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Simon Murray

Trainer | Coach | Mentor | Speaker

Simon is a globally recognised maintenance, reliability and asset management thought leader, having worked with organisations, and presented at conferences all over the world.

He moved from the UK to Sydney after completing his engineering degree and started his career as a process improvement engineer with Yorkshire Fittings. This role required a holistic approach to OEE improvement across all department which enabled Simon to hone a variety of hard and soft skills.

Over the next 10 years stints in a variety of roles across Production, Maintenance, Engineering and General Management further expanded Simon’s knowledge of all aspects of a manufacturing business.

From bricks to bread, and everything in between, Simon is familiar with many different manufacturing environments having spent significant time at Boral and Goodman Fielder.

In 2012 Simon founded Your Maintenance Coach so that he could help more organisations to accelerate the journey from chaos to maintenance excellence.

The programs that Simon now delivers have a clear focus on sustainable improvement and he takes pride in being able to spend time to ensure that every client achieves the goals they set out to.

He now shares his expertise with manufacturers who are ready to excel through online, in-person and private training and coaching programs.

In the past few years Simon has presented at some of the leading international maintenance and reliability conferences in Australia, Africa, Egypt, USA and Malaysia.



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