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Why This Boot Camp?

After years of delivering technical training to maintenance teams and working with leaders one on one to transform their results, it occurred to me that there was no local training program that showed maintenance managers what best practice looked like and helped them to implement it. This Boot Camp fills that gap.

Boot Camp Outcomes

Over 12 weeks each cohort will learn all the pre-requisites to best practice maintenance management and will be supported in taking these lessons to their teams.

In Week 5 we will develop Strategic Maintenance Plans and each Maintenance Manager will choose a high impact project to implement in the following 6 weeks.

Week 12 sees us come together again with business sponsors to share success stories.

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Who is this Boot Camp for?

Current Maintenance & Reliability Managers who want to develop best practices in their team. Your next Maintenance Manager. Many organisations use this training to support succession planning & get your next Maintenance Manager ready for the role.
The Reliability Excellence Journey
This session explores what is required to move a business from Reactive Maintenance to Reliability Excellence and beyond and the role that the Maintenance Manager must play in the process. Participants will leave this session with knowledge of globally accepted Maintenance & Reliability frameworks, standards and KPI.
Maintenance Work Management
The typical measure of any maintenance team is how effective it is at identifying and completing work. This session will help the Maintenance Manager to identify how effective their core maintenance practices are and what gaps exist.
Reliability Engineering Fundamentals
Acknowledging and understanding Reliability as something different to Maintenance is an important change that all reliable organisations make. This session provides the Maintenance Manager with awareness of the tools required to have a department that is continuously improving.
Leading Reliability Improvement
Your people are your most important asset and while good soft skills are a prerequisite for leading a team to reliability excellence there is also a requirement for structure and discipline in providing a forum for those soft skills to be applied. 

This session will provide the maintenance manager with the framework in which to apply great leadership skills to engage and develop their team.
Strategy Day
In this session participants will bring together all their bootcamp learnings to create a 12-month strategic maintenance plan that will define what the Maintenance and Reliability team must deliver to support the larger business goals.
Success Stories Presentations
8 weeks after the final session the group will come together to present their success stories.


This Boot Camp is an in-person program with a limited number of participants.
Delivered over 12 weeks:

Week 1
The Reliability Excellence Journey
Full day in person
Week 2
Maintenance Work Management
Full day in person
Week 3
Reliability Engineering Fundamentals
Full day in person
Week 4
Leading Reliability Improvement
Full day in person
Week 5
Strategy & Action Plan Development
Full day in person
Weeks 7, 9, 11
Progress & support check in
1 hr online
Week 12
Success Stories Presentations
Full day in person

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