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Simon was great, super knowledgeable with quality content that can be applied in the real world. Great for an early career Maintenance Planner like myself. 
Simon was great for the two days had real life experience and showed real life case studies and scenarios. 
I was extremely motivated by this class and will definitely approach my planning & scheduling process differently. 

“Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution; this gives you a 1,000 percent return on energy!”  
- Brian Tracy, author and motivational speaker 

And that, is what Planning & Scheduling is all about. Quite simply it is about doing everything we can to make our trades time on the machines as effective as it can be.


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The Agenda
Maintenance vs Reliability
Maintenance and reliability are not the same thing.

Understanding the differences and how to apply each is essential to defining the roles and responsibilities in the team and also to understanding the barriers to improvement.
PM Optimisation
Planning & Scheduling can only be effective if the work being issued is the right work. 

This session explores the essential tools that are available to ensure you have the most appropriate PM schedule in place
Leading for Reliability
With so many personalities and behaviour styles in the team how can you ensure everybody is on board? 

In this session we’ll work through 3 simple models to understand what makes your team think the way they do.
Workflow Overview
Getting work completed in a timely way requires the whole team to play a part, it requires structure, measures and a cadence of meetings and communication. 

Here you will create your own workflow.
Perfect Planning
Proper work planning is about more than just preparing spare parts. By using the Scoping Sheeet we will ensure that all of your work is fully planned before it gets to scheduling.
Schedule for Success
For effective maintenance teams scheduling is not a stressful, time-consuming process. 

When you uncover the benefits of The Scheduling Star and micro scheduling, you’ll wonder why you never did it this way before.
The Perfect Partnership
We can have the best Planning & Scheduling processes in the world but as you well know that means nothing when production want to change the schedule. 

The Perfect Partnership is where we explore how to get maintenance and operations on the same page.
The 8 Week Reset
Implementing change can be exhausting but it is the only way to improve.

The 8 Week Reset will show you how to run your improvement projects in short cycles so that change becomes normal for the team.

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Public Training

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Private Training

Big team? Multiple sites? Then private training will be for you. I’ll even customise the content to match your specific needs.

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Online - Coming Soon

The entire 16 hours of training all available on demand to take your team through at your own pace.

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