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The Reliability Maximiser® is the program for leaders who are ready to change the status quo. The model, content and implementation process are completely unique.​

I’ve created The Reliability Maximiser® as a framework of content that will grow with you and your team as you develop.​

​Rather than a limited curriculum, you will be joining a community of like-minded leaders on a journey to Reliability Excellence.​


What to Expect

Because your team and priorities are very different from the next team, The Reliability Maximiser® is a journey to Reliability Excellence not a list of training videos we can watch. The success of the program is in opportunity for everybody in the maintenance team to participate and learn.

For your team

  • Online members area​
  • Weekly online training​
  • Weekly Ask Me Anything (AMA)​
  • Access to partner portals and learning material​

For you

  • All of the team inclusions +​
  • Annual strategy session​
  • Quarterly leadership check in​
  • Email me any time​
  • Book a 000 call​

Engage the Team

Nothing great is going to happen without your team being on board and engaged in the journey.​

The Reliability Maximiser® doesn’t forget this and all content is designed to be used directly by your team members. ​

​Most members use this to appoint champions for specific areas of improvement so that the manager does not become the bottleneck.​

Build Systems

Sustainable success requires repeatable processes, but it can be a real challenge to keep your department day to day and at the same time build systems for everybody to follow.

The Reliability Maximiser® will guide you through the maze of best practice that is available and help you to select the relevant things for your team.


Deliver Results

The reason we engage the team to work with great systems is of course so that we can deliver great results.

This pillar of The Reliability Maximiser® contains everything that you will need to embed sustainable change in your organisation.

Training Delivery



All our training, coaching and support is delivered online allowing you complete flexibility and amazing networking opportunities.​

Online / Private Hybrid

Many members supplement the online program with private training sessions delivered in person.

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